Friday, July 23, 2010

What's on my nightstand...

...ok, trying to get up to speed by reading some shorter street lit novels ( that so wrong?) Now reading: " Flirt: three steamy novels" featuring, Tracy Brown, K'wan, and Angel Mitchell. Sooooo good.

Sidebar: Commuting by bus the other day, I was deep into "The Reason Why" by Vickie Stringer. You know the drill; head down, oblivious to sights and sounds, eyes racing across the page (...almost missed my bus stop!)Just before I reached for the cord to signal my stop, a Jehovah's Witness lady sitting opposite me slipped me a WatchTower newsletter, which I politely declined and returned to her. She said, "Well, I saw you reading, "Reasons", and if you need reasons, here they are..." I was stunned, but not really surprised. Needless to say, book covers and reader's book choices are still widely misinterpreted and stereotyped. Wow, do we librarians do that?? No way!

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