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ALA is gonna be Phat!

check out this "Crazy Quilts" interview with librarian and Chicago Public Schools book club coordinator, K.C. Boyd!

11 June 2010 Friday
by Edi
I emailed my friend Jackie that I would love to hop in a car and do an impulsive road trip to ALA this summer. C’mon, it’s in DC!! Add the wonderful museums and venues to the exhibitions and presenters and you’ve got hot summer plans! There are diversity events, poetry events with Kwame Alexander, Sarah Blake, Nickole Brown, Henri Cole, Benjamin Alire Sáenz and Gwendolyn Zepeda and numerous programs and sessions. Toni Morrison is the keynote speaker!

One session I wouldn’t miss would be Phat* Fiction: Engaging Hip-Hop Literature in the Public Library (*phat=popular, hip and tempting fiction) moderated by K.C. Boyd, aka Miss. Domino. KC began blogging in November, 2009 and has given a voice to urban teen fiction. This is from her first blog entry: (more...)

The PLA urban fiction panel presentation “PHAT Fiction: engaging hip hop literature in the public library”, will take place on Monday, June 28 at 10:30 a.m. in Washington Convention Center (WCC), Room 147B

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